About Us

Eco Windows & Façades specializes in high-performance windows and doors, ventilated façade systems and installation services. Our project management and sales teams include certified Passive House consultants and tradespeople, LEED accredited professionals, and architects with decades of experience driving the high-performance industry toward a more comprehensive environmental consciousness.

With over 100 years of construction experience, our installation team has the proven ability to execute the complex requirements of high-performance installation details for both residential and commercial projects.

Our business started in NYC as a furniture design studio and custom woodworking outfit over 20 years ago. We then grew into distributing new and advanced building materials. Our passion as a solution-based provider and the need for energy efficient materials led us to the Passive House market. Over the years, we have collaborated with some of the most creative people in the industry to work on innovative projects throughout the East Coast.

Our mission is to assist architects, owners, developers, consultants, and general contractors in executing high-performance projects, providing essential know-how and quality solutions on time and on budget.