Passive House

Window & Door Options

Although the Linea Passiva profile is a PHIUS Certified window, any Bildau & Bussmann window or door can be engineered to meet Passive House standards.

About Passive House

Passive House (PH) standard construction began in the Early 1990's in Darmstadt, Germany, with the main focus being high energy performance, thermal comfort, and healthy indoor air. Passive buildings reduce their energy consumption by around 80%, and the building longevity is expected to be more than 90 years.

Eco Windows & Facades represents a number of manufacturers that carry materials and components that are suitable for Passive House construction; high-performance windows and doors and rain screen systems with thermally broken connectors.

The range of projects we have worked on in the past years has left Eco Windows & Facades with plenty of experience working with high-performance construction and Passive House building practices. We now apply this standard principle in all our installation jobs.

Passive House Thermal Image Image

This thermal image shows the surface temperature of a row of Brooklyn townhouses in the winter. Fabrica718 renovated the house that appears blue to passive house standards. Photo courtesy of Sam McAfee.

Interactive Passive House Diagram

There are five points representing the key features to air-tight and Passive House building methods. Click a number on the diagram to start.

1 - Continuous Insulation
Proper insulation level is required to achieve comfort, reduce heat gains, and mitigate heat loss.
2 - Airtight Envelope
Airtight enclosure allows for control of the indoor environment by reducing drafts, hear loss, and outside humidity to he interior space. We offer high-quality tapes, membranes and other sealants to help you air-seal the home.
3 - Thermal Bridge Free
Thermal bridges are high-ways for heat loss and condensation damage. Reducing this bridges will save energy, and help keep your wall assembly healthy.
4 - High-Performance Windows & Doors
High-Performance windows and doors can help control solar gain, increase comfort for the occupants, and mitigate air leaks.
5 - Mechanical Ventilation and Heat Recovery
The lungs of the house, this mechanical equipment provides clean fresh air, removes stale air, and can help condition the indoor space humidity level (ERV system).