Landmark & Historic Renovations

As the effects of climate change become increasingly tangible, it is essential to include renewable and passive technologies in our restoration efforts. When bringing a building back to life, our aim is to transform these historic structures into catalysts for change in our communities.

As historic buildings are re-imagined and reoccupied (itself an act of sustainability) we must capture the potential of their rebirth by maximizing their energy efficiency. Yet all too often we experience a disconnect between historic preservation and environmental sustainability. We have a strong belief that these two worthy aspirations should not be incompatible. Inspired by the passive house movement which promotes energy savings and increased comfort through air tightness and minimal thermo-conductance we began exploring the use of energy efficient windows in Landmark and historic restoration projects.

Our landmark approved historic wood window line from Bildau and Bussmann has successfully passed stringent NYC regulations and helped our clients achieve their energy goals while preserving the integrity of their historic building. We achieve this through GBG, profile design and full customization to match any existing conditions.

Having successfully completed several landmark and historic projects, we are confident that we can assist you on any landmark or historic retrofit project.

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