Services & Support

Install Services

Eco Windows & Facades provides a series of services within each of their product lines. This services range from cost estimations to installation.

Eco Windows & Facades has a team of construction professionals with more than 20 years of experience in construction, high-end mill work, and commercial fabrication. We have a team of builders, installers, and building science experts that can take on any ventilated rain-screen and high-performance window system project. We can guide you through the installation process specific to your building, and propose details and solutions that will make your building envelope airtight, resilient, and stand the test of time.

Install Service Breakdown:

Passive House detailing: We have Certified Passive House Consultants on our team, available to help you achieve that airtight and high-performing building envelope your building requires to last for 90+ years, while providing indoor health and comfort.

Construction shop drawings: At request, we can provide construction shop drawings showing best practices for waterproofing, air/moisture barriers, and thermal bridge free connections.

Training: We can provide training services for high-performance window installation, window adjustment and repair, and ventilated rain screen facade installation.

Value Engineering (Coming soon): We are working together with testing labs and building science professionals that can take a look at your project and help you optimize construction details, optimize thermal performance values, and conduct ASTM and AAMA testing for windows.

Repair and Replacement

Eco Windows & Facades strategic partnership with Bildau & Bussmann means that we are their exclusive distributor in the US. As such, all repairs, replacements, or claims go through us. Please contact us with any issues.

Education and Presentations

We are invested in spreading knowledge and best practices in architecture, design, and construction. Our knowledge base is extensive, and we provide AIA CES (lunch-and-learn) presentations for all our products. Please contact us for information on scheduling a presentation.

Why Choose Us?

Eco Windows & Facades is a company committed to the distribution of ecologically conscious materials, sustainable construction and best practices. The projects and clients we work with look for energy efficiency, high-end finishes, and resiliency in their buildings. We have worked on projects that range from small interior renovations, to Charter school projects in low income neighborhoods. Our projects are mainly under LEED, Passive House, FSC, and Energy Start standards.

Customer Service

Eco Windows & Facades represents all products listed on our website, and takes care of all inquiries, requests for information, quotes, and claims you might have. Please reach out to us, and we will be sure to guide you to achieve the goals for your project.